Alphabit History


  1. 2014.11 AlphaBit Co., Ltd. was established.


  1. 2015.01 Alpha PosGuard is released.
  2. 2015.06 Certification of corporate research institute.


  1. 2016.01 Web Section Encryption Research and Development.


  1. 2017.05 The Ministry of SMEs and Startups selects innovative technology development projects.
  2. 2017.05 Development of web section encryption and keyboard security module based on web standard no installation.
  3. 2017.12 Alpha SmartGuard V3.1 is released.


  1. 2018.03 Alpha SmartGuard Public Procurement Service's innovative procurement product selection.


  1. 2019.09 Selection of excellent information protection products by the Ministry of Science and ICT(Alpha SmartGuard)
  2. 2019.09 Selection of overseas IR capacity building project for SMEs in Gyeonggi-do.


  1. 2020.06 Advanced development of electronic document automatic encryption technology centered on security managers.
  2. 2020.12 The Ministry of SMEs and Startups selected research on developing big data crypto platforms.


  1. 2021.04 Venture company certification.
  2. 2021.05 Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business Certification.
  3. 2021.09 Alpha Deid GS certification.

AlphaBit Products

List of security S/W provided by Alphabit.

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SmartGuard Structured/Unstructured Encryption

SmartGuard uses a powerful cryptographic algorithm to prevent leakage of personal and financial information, and fully complies with the security regulations of the Privacy Act and the Information and Communications Network Act.

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TKMS Manage Encryption Keys

Provides an integrated management environment to manage encryption keys used on servers linked to the HSM. It supports all products in the nShield family, including nConnet, nSolo, and nEdge.

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DeID Data Unidentification

DeID supports data de-identification through de-identification algorithms and privacy models that require de-identification.



SmartGuard는 정형/비정형 데이터 암호화 솔루션으로 빠른 성능과 보안성을 바탕으로 개인정보 유출 사고로 부터 안전하게 고객의 정보를 보호할 수 있습니다.


TKMS is an HSM key management solution that helps key managers maintain a robust security environment by providing a convenient and intuitive management environment.

DeID Detail

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